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Your Local Friend in Town

Private Local Tours provides unforgettable, private customized sightseeing tours in every major city in the United States. We have experts in Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Chicago and every city in between. Our professionally trained and insured tour guides live and work in these cities which means YOU get to see these special places through the eyes of a LOCAL. Now you have a friend in town in each city you tour with us!

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About The Owner of Private Local Tours

Casey Connor is a celebrity DJ/Performer whose career has allowed her to travel the world. She is excited to unite her passion for travel and for people with Private Local Tours in order to provide those who are just visiting the experiences of a local. Casey was born and raised in New York City and currently resides in the beautiful city of Los Angeles. Private Local Tours specializes in the cities that Casey calls home, but has tour operators in every major US city who can't wait to show you around!

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What We Do For You:

  • We pick you up and drop you off at the locations of your choice - and in between, take you to see all of the best sights in town. You can expect informative, yet fun descriptions as well as story-telling along the way.
  • We provide CUSTOM TOURS so you get to see the sights you want to see without wasting time on those you don’t.
  • Your tour is PRIVATE so you and your party only experience the city with your private tour guide.
  • We pack a ton of sightseeing into one day with our experienced guides who know this city, its streets, and its traffic. Client after client has raved that they could never have experienced so much of the city the way they had always wanted to on their own!
  • Our knowledge of the city means you get to see many more sights, often known exclusively by the LOCALS
  • You’ll benefit from our love of the city. Whether your interest is culture, history, nature, or shopping, you’ll get what you’re looking for on your own PRIVATE LOCAL TOUR!

About Our Vehicles

Since we are a Private Local Tour company we provide the vehicle of YOUR choice! We don’t use tourist style buses or vans.

YOU get to choose how you want to be driven around!

Option 1:

Try traveling in a Jeep Wrangler! Throw the convertible top down and let us show you everything under the sun!

Party of 1-2
Traveling alone or as a couple? Let our guide pick you up in style in an Italian Fiat Convertible sports car!

We have many 4 door vehicles that are practical for a family and will fit you comfortably.

Option 2:

Drive Yourself
You'd rather take your own car? No problem! Our guide will accompany you in the passenger seat! Or, for even more privacy for your party, our guide will drive separately as you follow behind. We will setup a Bluetooth device and you will hear our guided tour through your cell phone. Doesn’t get more customized than this!

Make a Reservation

Send us a message with your desired Tour, number of Travelers, date and preferred time you'd like to reserve as well as any custom options you'd like and we'll contact you in no time.